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Welcome to the WeeklyWildlife blog and website!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Welcome to the WeeklyWildlife blog! For those that came from my Instagram, thanks! And for those that didn't, if you want to see my unique and captivating wildlife shots from around the world go check it out at @WeeklyWildlife.

While I mainly use Instagram to showcase my favorite works, here you'll find plenty of new and specifically curated content. This includes weekly blog posts that: explore the deeper stories behind my photos that a visual medium cannot; delve into the more intricate and lesser explored rich cultures the world has to offer; and give my general thoughts, tips, and tricks on how I've captured the photos I have. If you're still looking for more you can head over to my portfolio section to check out a much more extensive catalog of work! See a photo or two that you like? There will soon be a shop to purchase a canvas or print of your favorite shot, the money will be used to bring as much additional content as possible. If you'd rather enjoy it for free, please do so! My hope is simply to provide you with something that offers new perspectives while being educational and enjoyable. That's why I'm putting it on the internet after all.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and reading! I'd love to keep the conversation going, so if you have thoughts on topics for future posts, general feedback, questions, or anything in between send me an email at

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